Disney Hollywood Studios Oga’s Cantina Visit

We returned to Walt Disney World Post-Covid Closure and had to stop by Oga’s Cantina to see what was new.

We did find a few changes since our initial visit which we’ll tell you about.


Big changes due to covid worries! This is a great time to experience Oga’s when it isn’t a madhouse

Oga's Cantina Visit 2020


SOCIAL DISTANCING MODIFICATIONS – Oga’s capacity is limited just like all locations at WDW. Only three parties are allowed at the bar. All six booths are available. Five of the six high tops are available and one standing half booth in the back right alcove are open.

Compare the rest of the pics in this post to this one below.

Man walks into a bar in that hat people know he's not afraid of anything.
Man walks into a bar in that hat people know he’s not afraid of anything.

The Menu

Since our last visit breakfast foods and beverages have been discontinued.

Oga's Cantina Review Bespin Fizz
Bespin Fizz

Specialty Drinks

Oga's Cantina Visit 2020 Specialty Drinks Menu

Oga's Cantina Review at Batuu East and West
Gold Squadron Lager


Oga's Cantina Visit 2020 Beer Menu

Oga's Cantina Review at Batuu East and West
Toniray Wine


Oga's Cantina Visit 2020 Wine Menu

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Oga's Cantina Visit 2020 NA Drinks Menu

Oga's Cantina Review


Oga's Cantina Visit 2020 Snacks Menu

Oga's Cantina Visit 2020 Provisions Menu

Note: menus do change as do prices, see Disney’s official menu

Oga's Cantina Review DJ R-3X
Oga’s Cantina DJ R-3X

Last Call

We really enjoy Oga’s Cantina, but with the social distancing occupancy limits it really lacks the hustle and bustle of a cantina on the seedy edge of the galaxy.

See our full review

Over to You!

Have you tried the Oga’s Cantina? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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