Meet the Disney Drink Blog Team

Meet the Team Behind the Disney Drink Blog

Below are our current contributors. We work hard providing you with the best information that we can, and we love doing it!

Steve Bell – Founder

Steve Bell - Founder

I’ve been going to the Walt Disney World Resort since the year it opened! I just love spending time in the parks and around the resort. My experience with the Disneyland Resort is not as long or extensive, but I’m working on that…

I love trying all the great restaurant, lounges, and drink spots at Disney!

You can learn a lot more about me here.

Erin Schreiver – Author

Jenn Scranton - Author

Nothing too sweet for me over here! I prefer my drinks whiskey based with a little burn, but if there is an umbrella and garnish of fruit, I’m not mad about it. Just hold the pineapple juice! You can catch me thoroughly enjoying Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar (without knowing a thing about Indiana Jones), and my favorite pavilion to drink out of in EPCOT is Germany. Prost!


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