Tambu Lounge Drink Review

Picture it – You woke up early to rope drop Animal Kingdom and you take the monorail over towards the Magic Kingdom only to find that it’s still too early to park hop. Turn that frown upside down by taking that monorail over to the Polynesian Village Resort and head upstairs to the Tambu Lounge.

Let’s be honest, Ohana steals the spotlight from any other eating or drinking establishment at the Polynesian. We get it. We’re all about the bread pudding. But sometimes you just want a nice cold island drink to unwind and remind yourself that you are on vacation!

The Tambu Lounge is located on the second floor of the Polynesian and is attached to the infamous Ohana. Be sure to ask your bartender if there are any of the Ohana dishes available to purchase a la carte at the bar. We have been lucky and have been able to purchase Ohana noodles and the famous bread pudding! Mind you, neither was on the menu. The only “official” foods available at the Tambu Lounge are some pork pot stickers, a flatbread dish, pork ribs, and the California sushi roll. Continue reading “Tambu Lounge Drink Review”

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar Drink Review

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is owned and operated by Jock Lindsey, the freelance pilot hired by Indiana Jones.

He’s days of flying and high octane adventures with the famed treasure hunter are over! He set up shop in Disney Springs and shows off trinkets and treasures from some of his adventures with Indy while serving people small bites and handcrafted drinks. Continue reading “Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar Drink Review”

Finding the Best Old Fashioned at Walt Disney World

Who knew that the most magical place on earth could also be a great place for some bourbon and bourbon-based cocktails!

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is home to almost 150 bars in the theme parks, resort hotels, and Disney Springs, and we’re here to tell you that it’s not all super sweet tropical drinks with pineapple, guava, and umbrellas (though they have a lot of those too if you’re into that).

We all know that the festivals in the World Showcase a EPCOT can create some outstanding cocktails, but we focused solely on Old Fashioneds you can get any time of the year.

We worked our way through Walt Disney World to find you the top 10 best places to get a quality Old Fashion –

10. Ale & Compass Restaurant

Maple Old Fashioned – $14.50
Old Forester Bourbon, maple syrup, orange juice, and angostura bitters

Continue reading “Finding the Best Old Fashioned at Walt Disney World”

Duck Duck Razz and My New Pal Winston

Who knew that when I walked out of the BOATHOUSE in Disney Springs I would leave with a new friend!

Duck Duck Razz at The BOATHOUSE

Perhaps the most fun drink I have ever had is the Duck Duck Razz. This drink is eye catchingly gorgeous and features the cutest little rubber duckie that you didn’t know you needed.

This drink has been making waves since 2020, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time! The Duck Duck Razz is a pre-mixed drink available at The BOATHOUSE Restaurant in Disney Springs. It features Disney’s favorite ingredient, Blue Curacao, plus Stoli Razz, Peach Schnapps, Lemon Juice, and Simple Syrup. The end effect is the most brilliant pool blue color you have ever seen. Continue reading “Duck Duck Razz and My New Pal Winston”

Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale

Kungaloosh at the Jungle Navigation Co.-LTD Skipper Canteen

“Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt!”

– The Adventurers Club Motto

Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale is an African-inspired deep amber ale brewed exclusively for Walt Disney World, with sorghum, and a special blend of spices including cinnamon and cardamom.

The name of this special brew is a nod to the Adventurer’s Club, which was an iconic bar at Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island. Pleasure Island was the middle section of Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) from Pleasure Island’s opening in 1989 through the final days of the adult nigh-time area in 2008. The Edison is located in the Adventurer’s Club building. Continue reading “Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale”

Walt Disney World’s Generic Alcoholic Drink Menu

WDW Generic Menu

In the distant past Disney Bars and Lounges all had individual menus with Drinks inspired by their theme.

But many years ago Disney introduced what has been called: the Disney Bar and Lounge Menu, the Disney Standard Drink Menu, the Disney Resort Shared Cocktail Beer and Wine Menu, or as I like to call it, the Disney Generic Alcohol Menu. Generic, because all resorts that use it serve the same stuff!

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