Why Are There Ads on the Disney Drink Blog?

Why are there ads on the Disney Drink Blog?

At the Disney Drink Blog our very first goal  is to help you, the reader.

To do so we can’t loose money by paying all of the operating costs on our own.

As many people mistakenly think, nothing is “For Free” on the internet, or anywhere else in life. Someone is paying for it, either the provider is or the cost is passed on somehow.

The Disney Drink Blog is a user supported site. As you can imagine it takes not only time and effort to create this site but unfortunately it also requires funds. A few of these costs are web hosting, domain names, a newsletter email service, an anti-spam service, and research costs to name a few. As the traffic volume increases, so do the costs.

We know ads aren’t the most welcome thing in the world… But they are necessary for us to keep this this site running for you!

As I said above, nothing in this life is free, someone is paying for every “free” thing someone else gets. I pay to give out “free” information on this site and ads allow me to do that, just like the radio you listen to or live TV you watch.

You will see various contextual ads on the site from Google Ads and other ad networks, these display ads that you might be interested in based on your browsing history or topic of the page you are on.

Other products and items that we recommend as an affiliate are absolutely the finest in our opinion and are all used or tried by the DDB first.

We would appreciate it if you do not use Ad Blockers when browsing the DDB! The ads pay for you to see our info! Using an ad blocker is cheating the system.

Thanks for your understanding!


Here is how you can help!

If you shop on Amazon, please click on one of their ads on the site (the bottom of every page) when you want to start your Amazon shopping.

You can then save the page that ad takes you to as your new favorite/shortcut to Amazon so the Disney Drink Blog gets credit every time you shop.

The DDB will get a small commission on your purchases during that visit ( at no extra cost to you).


A small donation through Pay Pal is always welcome. Well, this one will cost you 😉



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